Two sister's story

Getting creative

Natural Soap Bars
Beautiful composition with cocoa butter

A daughter's wedding favours......who would have thought this is where Letti came to life!

Sitting down with a cup of tea, discussing different ideas for wedding favours with my sister. First came the personalised candle idea, swiftly followed by adding personalised wedding soaps. "Why stop at soaps, why not other products too" she said! They would look fantastic in a kraft box with wood wool and raffia.

So, our research began and with it our combined obsessions with soaps, candles and natural products started. Before we knew it, we were both doing courses on natural skincare products. At this stage, we knew we had outgrown just doing wedding favour gifts - it had grown in to something so much more.

What started as creating easy products, soon blossomed in to more complex formulas. Our research and development continued, expanding to include all the legal requirements that go with creating your own cosmetics. The list was endless but we were determined and Letti was created.