Work with your body, not against it

Getting a deodorant that works for you, can sometimes feel like an impossible task. The important thing to remember is that sweating is an essential bodily process. The key, is to get your body to learn to sweat naturally and use a deodorant that keeps odour at bay.

Unlike an antiperspirant, a natural deodorant doesn't block your pores and prevent you from sweating. The naturally derived ingredients used in our deodorants, have been specifically selected to prevent odour forming bacteria from reproducing and breaking down sweat components - the cause of a pungent BO smell. Our deodorants are designed to work with your body by purging your armpits and expelling the toxins, chemicals and bacteria that may have built up over time. After this, your body will then to learn to sweat naturally again, whilst keeping odour at bay.

Natural ingredients for preparing deodor