With natural skin care products becoming increasingly popular, we at Letti beleive that deodorants should also be included. 


Each ingredient has been carefully selected to work in harmony with your body.


All of our deodorants are clay based. Montmorillonite clay comes from naturally occurring volcanic ash sediments in Wyoming and is one of the most versatile and effective clays available, Apart from containing over 70 minerals it is also non-irritating and extrememly absorbent.


This deodorant contains a blend of Bergamot and Orange essential oil for their skin conditioning effects.


Natural Deodorant - Bergamot & Orange 40g

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  • The deodorant comes in the form of a balm and is to be applied at night to dry, clean skin using your fingers. By applying the product yourself, you are rubbing the ingredients into your skin and enabling the ingredients to penetrate the various layers of the epidermis and to get to work at the source.

    As with most natural products, you only need to use a very small amount for it to be effective (the size of a small garden pea!).

    If you have never used a natural deodorant before and have only ever used commercial anti-perspirants, your body may take a few weeks to adjust whilst removing all the toxins built up in the past (although this doesn't always happen). This may mean that you notice you are sweating differently or your odour has changed its smell. This is perfectly normal and once your body has finished detoxing, you should notice a significant reduction in your sweat and odour levels. 

    This product is for external use only. 

    Avoid direct contact with eyes.

    Do not use on the mucous membrane or on broken skin.

    If irritation occurs, discontinue use.